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Personal spirituality for busy and housebound people

Resources for the over-stretched

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Canon Phil Collins 

I am a semi-retired Anglican priest of forty-six years experience, having served in inner-city, rural and market-town settings. Thanks to the patient people of my last stipendiary post, The Arle Valley Benefice (Winchester Diocese) I was allowed to practice on them a range of worship styles, some of a contemplative nature, whilst others drew on  liturgies from across the Anglican world and beyond it .


Many of the resources on this site have been tried and tested during that time on the regular Friday and Saturday morning congregations,  at a particular service which became known as "Quiet Space". It was designed to give just that - quiet space at the beginning of the weekend. It was valued by those who wanted to experience a half-hour weekly retreat,away from the noise and pressures of home or work, with the purpose of getting to know themselves and God a bit better.

Other resources are posted here as liturgical enhancement. Sometimes it proved impossible to find liturgies for certain special occasions. I have included those which I compiled myself from many sources, in the hope that this might prove helpful to others.

I am not a liturgical expert, nor am I  a natural contemplative. I don't pretend to offer you anything definitive, perfect or original.  What you will find in this collection is a record of the journey I have shared with the people God has asked me to serve, which has been my privilege and joy. 

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