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Coventry Cathedral - St.Michael overcoming Satan

The New Testament scholar, Walter Wink notes

that the letters in John's Revelation are addressed to the angels

of the seven churches in Asia.

It is Wink's contention that all churches have an angel,

a spiritual entity that represents

the whole of the church's members and experience.

The reading from Revelation tells us of the great battle in heaven

wherein evil is confronted by the good.

Michael leads the forces of goodness and truth.

Gregory the Great reminds us that Michael's name means, "Who is like God?" His mere presence is an eternal reality check!

Michael makes clear the boundaries.

He is the protector of the human race,

charged with helping it to maintain its discrete, distinct character and nature, its position within the web of creation,

only a little lower than the angels,

given charge over creation,

dominion as God has dominion over human and angelic kind.

Dominion that seeks life and truth, nurture and abundance.

Throughout the ages

Michael has come to the aid of those who struggle

against the spiritual forces of wickedness

that corrupt and destroy the people of God.

The great war in heaven began the moment

that God first breathed life

into humanity.

Acknowledging that our starting place is imperfect,

being impinged upon on all sides

by the struggle between light and shadow,

and that our choices are not always Christ-like.

The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels behoves each of us

to examine the angel of our own church.

What is the message that it gives of God?

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