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better together

Rainbow God

Creator of rainbows,

come through the closed doors

of our emotions, mind and imagination;

come alongside us as we walk,

come to us at work and worship,

come to our meetings and councils,

come and call us by name,

call us to pilgrimage.

Wounded healer,

out of disunity

may we be re-membered;

out of the pain of our division

may we see your glory.

Call us from present


to future community.

Spirit of Unity,

challenge our preconceptions,

enable us to grow in love and understanding,

accompany us on our journey together,

that we may go out with confidence

into your world as a new creation – one body in you,

that the world may believe.

Kate McIlhagga, “The Green Heart of the Snowdrop”,

Wild Goose Publications, copyright © Donald McIlhagga 2004

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