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Dear Fr,

Thank you for your blog and for including me and the Church and Nation of Sweden in your prayers. Here is a short message of Greeting from me to Holy Trinity:

"Greetings to you all on this Feast of St Bridget of Sweden, patron Saint of Europe. I am actually spending this weekend representing Fr John Brownsell and myself at the celebrations of the Societas Sanctae Birgittae at Vadstena, where her Shrine is. St Bridget, 1303-1373, has fascinating history. In her first revelation, received at the age of 7,

she was shown the Crown of Life and asked by the Lord, "Would you like to receive this?" A long life of spiritual service and many struggles followed,

but eventually, she persuade the Pope to move back to Rome from Avignon,

and she also received papal approval of her Ordo Sancti Salvatore,

which was a double order for men and women. So too is SSB, a society within the Church of Sweden for Priests and Lay Brothers and Sisters. They hold their annual Chapter at Vadstena for a week around the Feast Day, 23rd July.

Sr Gerd

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