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It is customary, Lord to give something up during the season of Lent. What would you have me do without? I who have so much. Chocolate? Cream cakes? Cigarettes? Sweets? Swearing? The list is endless and I could give up all those things for the span of 40 days quite easily and almost painlessly. But what difference would it make other than making me feel 'holier' that my friend who makes no such sacrifice?

What would you have me do without? I who have so much Selfishness? Conceit? Envy? Pride? I fear before I ask, that the answer might be 'yes' and the giving up would be all too real, Lord. It would be difficult, painful, sacrificial, a real cross to carry for 40 days, and more?

Spirit of integrity

You drive us into the desert

To search out our truth.

Give us clarity to know what is right,

And courage to reject what is expedient;

That we may abandon the false innocence

Of failing to choose at all,

But may follow the purposes of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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