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GOOD FRIDAY The whole Church mourns the death of its Saviour.

This is traditionally a day of sadness,

spent in quiet and in prayer, fasting and abstinence.

The altar in Church is bare, without cloths, candles or cross.

There are no greetings, genuflections, opening songs, or processions.

We simply come and prostrate in humble submission

before the Word and the glorious Cross of Christ.

The solemn liturgy for Good Friday includes the reading of the Lord's Passion from St. John's Gospel,

Veneration of the Cross, and distribution of Communion which has been reserved from last night's Mass.

Prior to the day’s liturgy at Holy Trinity (at 10.30am)

we follow the Stations of the Cross,

during which we trace the steps of Our Lord

as He treads the tortuous Way.

Pray: You accepted your Cross, Lord Jesus,

because it was the key to unlock for us the way through to love and life.

May we, in faith and trust in our Heavenly Father,

accept the crosses that are placed upon us through life.

Strengthened by the Christ who has walked the way before us,

may we be led into abundant life and Godly purpose.

Pray: God our protector, watch over Ukraine,

watch over us all, and set our feet on the right path.

Walk with those who cannot trust the ground beneath them;

give courage to those who seek out hidden danger;

strengthen the injured to live and work again,

and be a source of blessing and comfort

to those who offer medical and other care.

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