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Luigi Santucci, in “Wrestling with Christ”

….as if the Ascending Christ speaks…

“Forgive me this vertical flight from the hill

I’m taking with me your sadness at Emmaus,

the twilight round the table at the inn,

your confusion and abandonment in Gethsemane….

In the Ascension I’m hiding beyond a cloud,

but I could equally hide myself anywhere.

The Father to whom I am going

doesn’t live beyond the flights of birds,

He’s on the Moors swept by the wind,

on mountain ridges,

in your schools,

your homes,

your neighbourhood,

on the roofs of cities.

My life doesn’t end here……

After I have ascended

The Father and I will be wherever you are in the world.

Everywhere will become your home,

and you’ll no longer need to be afraid.

You too will be caught-up in the glory of it all…"

The Father is glorified;

the Son is glorified,

and Jesus is sat at the Right hand of The Father.

The quiet victory is won.

Risen and ascended Lord Jesus,

When we are numbed by the suffering of the world,

Take us back to the deep truth

Of your power and glory,

Of your invincible Kingdom,

Of your promise of reconciliation.

In the knowledge of this truth,

Help us to bring our gaze to earth

And find the strength to go into the world,

to do your will on earth as in heaven.

To build the kingdom of God

On earth as it is in heaven.

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