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As we come to the end of the Novena "Thy Kingdom Come", let Nicola Slee introduce us to the King of The Kingdom.

Matthew 25.31-46

I walk in your streets as the worker

the shirker

the youngster

the prankster

the heckler

the helper

the stumbler

the raver

the foreigner

the angel

the fool

the friend

I come to your door as the caller

the neighbour

the borrower

the lender

the maker

the mender

the carrier

the sender

the Bible-basher

the well-wisher

the angel

the fool

the friend

I sit at your table as the nearest

the dearest

the unexpected

the weary

the worried

the hassled

the hurried

the talkative

the taciturn

the angel

the fool

the friend

I speak in your heart as the courted

the cursed

the lonely

the silent

the searching

the discovering

the wounded

the wise one

the angel

the fool

the friend

Where you walk I am walking

where you open I am arriving

where you gather I am meeting

where you listen I am speaking

So welcome stranger and angel

the friend, foe and fool

to your homeland

to your kinfolk

to your lodging

to your table

to your chamber

to your hearth

to your heart

Embrace the stranger in yourself

meet yourself in the stranger

greet your God in the discovery of strangers become friends

and other becoming sisters and brothers

May we share in the Lord's kingship by serving him in the poor and the humble:

God, Father of the poor, your Son Jesus was born among us poor, humble and dependent. Open our eyes and our hearts and our hands to honour him now as our Lord and King by welcoming him in those who are hungry and thirsty, in all who are abandoned and lonely, in refugees, in the poor and the sick. Let our love become free and spontaneous, like the tenderness you have shown us in your Son. Welcome us in the everlasting Kingdom prepared for us through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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