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"People tell me terrible things over coffee,

and I don’t know what to do.

If I say nothing, will they think that I don’t care,

that I am indifferent to their words.

But if I try to speak, I am afraid

that what I say will sound clichéd,

debased or trite or uninformed.

So there I sit,

playing with my cup,

stumbling, muttering,

wanting very much to say something

that will honour the immensity

of what they say."

"Love Burning Deep" - Kathy Galloway

Sometimes words are not enough to express the language of our hearts, sometimes minds are filled with prayers without expression.

Sometimes there are not enough spare moments in each day, sometimes regret is all we have as our confession.

Sometimes faith is not enough but in the presence of your peace, sometimes prayer can be a quiet conversation.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the anguish on our hearts, sometimes prayers are answered that remain unspoken.

John Birch

Watch, dear Lord, with those who cannot sleep

and those who weep this night.

Tend the sick,

give rest to the weary

and bless the dying.

Relieve those who are suffering,

have pity on those in great distress,

and shield those who are happy.

St Augustine

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