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Breathing is something we take for granted

because we do it all the time without thinking.

For a change why not THINK about your breathing;

- breathe out slowly and deliberately....

- breathe in, slowly and deeply;

As you breathe out,

think about and expel something that is not so good,

something unhelpful.

As you breathe in,

take into yourself something that is good;

then hold that breath,

allow it to energise your whole being

with that life-giving thought......

Breathe out hate...

Breathe in love ...

A silent moment

Breathe out anxiety...

Breathe in peace ...

A silent moment

Breathe out stress...

Breathe in calmness...

A silent moment

Breathe out tension...

Breathe in gentleness ...

A silent moment

Breathe out fear....

Breathe in confidence...

Breathe out pressure....

Breathe in tranquility...

A silent moment

Breathe out doubt...

Breathe in faith...

A silent moment

Breathe out distance from God...

Breathe in God’s presence ...

Do nothing for the next few minutes - rest in the moment.


We live in a culture that criticizes and dismantles.

We compare and dissect every person from head to toe.

We covet the shapes and sizes of other’s bodies.

We live in a space of pervasive discontent

with the bodies we’ve been given,

regardless of the numbers on the scale

or the letters on clothing label.

I don’t believe this is what God intended

Our bodies are God-given gifts.

Every hair on our heads is counted, even if we have little or lots.

We were stitched together in our mother’s wombs by omnipotent hands.

And if this is the care and thought and power

that goes into the creation of the bodies we inhabit,

then I’m certain the Creator did not intend for us

to spend our days longing for new or different ones.

The image I see in the mirror was chosen for me

by the One whose image I bear in my soul.

He loves His creation, from grey hairs on my head

to the unattractiveness of my feet.

Sit with your body thoroughly relaxed,

your feet flat on the ground,

your back straight, but not rigid.

Breathe steadily, in and out, calm yourself....

Empty your mind of all that has been concerning you, worrying you......

just sit........

When you feel ready,

concentrate your attention on what you can physically feel in your body.

become aware of your body -

concentrate on a part of your body which works well;

focus on a part that could be better.

Which part is an asset? Thanks be to God.

Which part is a defect? Thanks be to God.

Do you thank God for the gift that is your body?

Why not?

Lord, You stitched me together in my mother’s womb.

You chose my shape, my DNA,

knew how I would develop and age through every stage.

Please help me to be at peace with this body,

so that I might find life.....

Heavenly Father, help me remember who I am and whose I am. Open my eyes and mind to see and understand the truth in Your Word that I am Your masterpiece, created in Your image. Give me the courage to speak these truths to myself each day. Thank You for loving every part of me, even when I don’t. Amen.

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