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Today, 13th November, marks the second anniversary of Bill Gould's death. The last Mass at which he served in Holy Trinity was Remembrance Sunday 2019. Bill, a true servant of God, left his mark on Holy Trinity.

Bill Gould - the man who said "Yes".

Bill's and Margaret's son Nick joined the Cubs in Alresford.

It just so happened that there was need of voluntary labour on the Scout Hut off Bridge Road, so Bill helped to decorate the place.

They needed to wire the place – he helped with that.

They needed people to help with Cub and Scout camps - Bill volunteered.

There was a need for Leaders – Bill volunteered. Bill was asked to become GSL –

he stepped-up to the job. District Commissioner – that too. When Margaret died, he went up to London, to Baden Powell House, to help there……

Bill, who loved cooking, who relished regularly preparing an enormous buffet for his family. Bill the Gardener; Bill the ace Barn-Dancer! Bill’s dry sense of humour;

Bill, the Proper Gentleman.

Bill, proud to be an Anglo-Catholic; who grew in faith when he trained to be a Server at St Agatha’s Church, “Aggies” in Portsmouth, made famous by the Victorian slum priest, Fr. Dolling. Some time later he served at an Anglo-Catholic Church in London, from where came the cotta that he wore here every Sunday. Bill, our diligent Sacristan, the man who "knew his stuff" in the Sanctuary.

We are taught that the art of good serving or to celebrate Mass properly is, even when making a mistake,

to make it look as though it is correct.

Bill’s advice to me, to Fr Lionel, and others has been, “if in doubt, make it up”!

Bill liked to get things right,

and he’d go to great lengths to make sure they were….in the sanctuary,

in the work-place,

in everything he did,

only the very best would do.

Father of all, by whose mercy and grace your people remain in everlasting light and peace: we remember with thanksgiving those whom we love but see no longer; and we pray that in them your perfect will may be fulfilled; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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