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Prayers for Pentecost

Holy Spirit,

As I adventure with you today, be the compass that guides me, the light that shines on my path, the only one I follow.

As I adventure with you today, be the word that encourages, the hand that reaches out each time I stumble.

As I adventure with you today, let me glimpse our destination, and appreciate the places through which you lead me.

As I adventure with you today

be the strength I need to follow, and as the day draws to a close let me rest in your embrace.

John Birch

Give us, Father, a vision of your world

as love would make it;

a world where the weak are protected

and none go hungry;

a world whose benefits are shared,

so that everyone can enjoy them;

a world whose different peoples and cultures

live with tolerance and mutual respect;

a world where peace is built with justice,

and justice is fired with love;

and give us the courage to build it,

through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

Betty Hares

Come, Holy Spirit, enlightener,

midwife of change, comforter, disturber,

inspirer, and advocate.

Come, fill us with the gifts earth

can neither produce nor afford. Come, fill our lives with that rich mixture

of peace and restlessness,

calm and enthusiasm,

which are the hallmarks of holiness.

May the life-giving Spirit

breathe into you that your thoughts may be holy,

act in you so that your work is holy,

draw your heart so that you love what is holy,

strengthen you that you will defend what is holy.

May the Spirit make a home in your heart,

water its dryness and melt its coldness,

kindle in your innermost soul the fire of love

and bestow upon you a true faith, a firm hope,

and a sincere and perfect love.

Come, O come, creating Spirit,

You can change our way of thought;

to the written word give meaning,

wider vision You have brought.

Touch our earth dried out with sorrow,

touch our world of arid death.

On the dry bones of this valley

blow Your loving, living breath.

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