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Sunday of the Word of God

To help the church grow in love and faithful witness to God, Pope Francis has declared the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time to be dedicated to the Word of God.

This was spelt out by the Holy Father in his letter entitled “Aperuit Illis”, based on verse 45 of Luke’s Gospel chapter 24: “Jesus opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.” “The relationship between the risen Lord, the community of believers and sacred Scripture is essential to our identity as Christians,” Pope Francis said last September. “The Bible cannot be just the heritage of some, much less a collection of books for the benefit of a privileged few. “The Bible is the book of the Lord’s people, who, in reading it and listening to it, come to understand God’s love, and become inspired to share it with others.” “The Bible is the most widely-distributed book in the world, but perhaps also the one most covered in dust, because it is not held in our hands often enough!” He invites us to hold the word of God in our hands every day, and to read it.

“A Year with The Bible” has been specifically produced for the “Year of the Word”, with 365 daily reflections to take you on a tour of Scripture.

For those who would appreciate a deeper understanding of the word of God, this could be for you.

Published by CTS,

and written by

Dom Henry Wansborough OSB,

ISBN 978 1 78469 6184

In this “Year of the Word”

we shall be following readings from “The Daily Missal”

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