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Our souls magnify the Lord,

and our spirits rejoice in God our Saviour,

for he looks with favour upon us

and sees our unrealized potential.

In the tradition of Mary,

and all who have said “yes” to God,

we stand here today,

to add our assent to theirs.

Like Mary, we feel overwhelmed;

we wonder if we are worthy,

or capable, of following the calling.

Like Mary, we have our questions

and we will not be afraid to ask them.

Like Mary, we will hear and ponder

the assurance that God will empower us.

Like Mary we will strive to say -

“Let it be with us according to your will.”

To whatever God is inviting of us

at this time in our lives,

and relying on God’s grace,

we say “yes.”

~ written by Ann Siddall, "Stillpoint Spirituality Centre and Faith Community"

Our Lady of Palestine


Magnificat of a Chilean Woman

With pride and dignity I sing my song of joy when I feel the Lord's presence.

I am poor and very ordinary, but one day the Lord looked upon me, and the history of the oppressed will give witness to my joy.

God is unfettered and unpredictable, our great Friend.

And throughout our history we have been favoured,

those of us who are weak;

this triumphant force shows itself each day when He exposes the foolishness of the powerful.

God uncovers the feet of clay of those in power, and nourishes the yearning of the poor.

To those who come hungry

God gives bread and wine. And to the wealthy

God exposes their selfishness and the emptiness of their ways.

This is God’s desire.

God is faithful.

Let us keep in mind that though at times we feel lowly and powerless,

that these are the times when we can most be in touch with God.

Let us remember that though we may not feel “mighty,”

our strength should come from our compassion,

and our willingness to show compassionate mercy to all.

Let us not forget that Mary had great trust in the promise

that God would lift up all who are marginalized and oppressed

and restore their dignity to them.

If we keep Mary as our model of faith

in the compassionate love of the God

for the lowly, poor, powerless, and marginalized,

who knows what new wonders we can witness now?

Our Lady of Kyiv

O God our deliverer, you cast down the mighty, and lift up those of no account: as Elizabeth

and Mary embraced with songs of

liberation, so may we also be

pregnant with your Spirit, and affirm one another

in hope for the world, through Jesus Christ.


Janet Morley

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