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The Guest

Jesus himself was a guest at a wedding in Cana

We've heard it all before

He turned water into wine

(It's our proof text against puritans)

Vintage stuff.

Jesus was a guest ... of humanity

The heavenly host who laid on a harvest of abundance for the world

The creator

My provider

Became the guest

Of the animals in the stable

The villagers in Nazareth

The religious leaders in the temple

The prostitutes


Tax collectors.

He let us play host,

Did away with the VIP pass

Ate, drank and was probably merry

Became one of us

Dined at our table

Ate the same bread, drank the same wine -

Everybody having a good time

Shared stories

Shared our story.

When he left the table

He left bread and wine

He left himself

The guest

Once more

Became the consummate Host.

Johnny Baker, Steve Collins and Kevin Draper -

He Qi -- The Wedding at Cana

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