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following quietly


Lord, you are like a shepherd to me,

and so I have all that I need.

You give me rest

in meadows of green grass,

and you lead me to water

where I gain new life and strength.

You guide me

along the way that is best for me.

Even when I walk in darkness

and everything around seems like death,

you are there, walking with me,

and the promise

of your love and faithfulness

helps to conquer my fear.

In the sight of those who do me down,

you invite me

to sit at table with you.

There you offer me

even more than I need,

and you remind me

that I am significant and special.

You call me to goodness and kindness

every day of my life,

and your house will be my home

my whole life long.

Nicholas Henderson SJ


God to enfold me,

God to surround me,

God in my speaking,

God in my thinking.

God in my sleeping,

God in my waking,

God in my watching,

God in my hoping.

God in my life,

God in my lips,

God in my soul,

God in my heart.

God in my sufficing,

God in my slumber,

God in my ever-living soul,

God in mine eternity.

(Carmina Gadelica)

O Holy God, open unto me light for my darkness, courage for my fear, hope for my despair. O loving God, open unto me wisdom for my confusion, forgiveness for my sins, love for my hate. O God of peace, open unto me peace for my turmoil, joy for my sorrow, strength for my weakness. O generous God, open my heart to receive all your gifts. Howard Thurman

O God, protector of the poor and defender of the just;

in your kingdom the last become first,

the gentle are strong

and the lowly exalted.

Give us wisdom, that we might find in your servant Jesus

the pattern of true discipleship

and the grace to persevere in following him

who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit,

God, for ever and ever. ICEL Collects

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