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Joy is really at the heart of Jesus’ ministry.

He came into this world so that we may better know God.

Through Jesus,

God was no longer this distant, impossible-to-understand entity.

Rather, he was a human in Jesus.

He ate with us, spoke to us, prayed with us, and celebrated with us.

Jesus encapsulated all the love, peace, and joy

already contained in God but presented it in a way we could understand.

It’s no wonder that Jesus’ first miracle was keeping a celebration going

because that was exactly why God manifested Himself through Jesus

so that we may continue to celebrate His peace and love.

Jesus kept the party at Cana going by turning water into wine.

But God kept the joy flowing by manifesting Himself as a human

through Jesus Christ.

Remember the miracle at the wedding at Cana

the next time you feel burdened by the Church’s “rules.”

Remember that the heart of our faith is joy and happiness.

Jesus didn’t come to oppress.

He didn’t force anyone to love, honour, and celebrate with Him.

Thank God for giving us the opportunity to embrace the genuine happiness

that comes from fully living our Christian faith.

O Loving Father, may we become more like Your Son:

The Jesus who gave time to Nicodemus;

The Jesus who was moved to pity by the faith of the Royal Official,

whose son was dangerously ill;

The Jesus who saved the day at the Wedding in Cana;

The Jesus who would not condemn the accused adulterous woman;

The Jesus who spent nights in prayer;

The Jesus who served rather than waited to be served;

The Jesus who prayed for those who nailed Him to the cross;

The Jesus who stayed on the cross until His work was done.

O Loving Father, may we become more like Your Son,

who was Himself the sign, pointing to You,

and who came to show You to us.

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