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In our anxiety, fear and uncertainty, when hearts are heavy with the load we bear, and there is no one to turn toward but you; yours is the peace that calms, the peace that comforts, the peace that gives us strength to carry on.

Yours, Lord,

is the voice we long to hear, the persistent whisper in our ear, ‘Be still, and know that I am God’. Yours is the presence in the dark that banishes our fears. Yours is the hand that guides, the footprints in which I walk. In our anxiety, fear and uncertainty in confidence we turn to you.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the language of our hearts, sometimes minds are filled with prayers without expression.

Sometimes there are not enough spare moments in each day, sometimes regret is all we have as our confession.

Sometimes faith is not enough but in the presence of your peace, sometimes prayer can be a quiet conversation.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the anguish on our hearts, sometimes prayers are answered that remain unspoken.

To be empty of all self-concern;

to accept quietly one’s own weaknesses and limitations;

to be empty of all striving and even thinking;

to be silent and open,

so that God can make his presence felt,

speak within us if he will,

though what he says may not be crystallized in thought or word

until some time later.

At such times I become my authentic self,

as I am when the image of God in me

is allowed to rise into quiet, alert consciousness.

To be trusting,






George Appleton

I come to your holy place:

I bow in adoration in your presence.......

Let me be still and close to you:

Quieting myself before your love.

Awaken in me your glory,

that I may rejoice in your grace.

Awaken my heart to your love,

that I may know your care.

Lord, I seek to do your will;

to meet you and serve you.

I come to you with people in my heart.

May I find everywhere is hallowed ground. David Adam

We have heard your glorious whisper, Almost silent, yet insistent, Breaking through the chatter Of many voices, The clatter Of background noises, The wind, The rain, Storm and hurricane. Through all of this Your voice remains Unchangeable, Cuts through to heart And soul. Unmissable. 'Come follow me Pick up the Cross… My burden is no burden at all, It is simply love Poured out for you, And through you, Sustaining, Empowering … Come follow me'

The world has ears Yet fails to hear, But we have heard your glorious whisper….

John Birch

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